Re: Ta-da!
Posted By: Simon AraqueDate: 4/7/13 12:15 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Ta-da! (Godot)

: Where indeed. Ah the mysteries of the Story forum. The Pre-2004 Posts became
: self aware some years ago and had to downloaded to a containment unit.
: Searching these has never been easy nor very productive.

: Cheers
: Hamish

Found Them! Some managed to answer those questions, but REB did as well, so he DID answer those questions himself. Thanks for pointing the way, Hamish!

Answer One: http://forums.bungie.org/story/storyarchive.pl?read=2081

Answer Two: http://forums.bungie.org/story/storyarchive.pl?read=2174

Answer Three: http://forums.bungie.org/story/storyarchive.pl?read=2105
(Confirmed as Correct here: http://forums.bungie.org/story/storyarchive.pl?read=2135)

Answer Pfhor: http://forums.bungie.org/story/storyarchive.pl?read=2238 (Although you can find the answer to other questions here as well). After that, Sidoh tries to correct himself, stating that the answer was B and not A: http://forums.bungie.org/story/storyarchive.pl?read=2239

Here’s another response regarding question 4, this one’s by REB: http://forums.bungie.org/story/storyarchive.pl?read=2242

…I wonder if you still have those matches, just thinking about it makes me feel uneasy, for some odd reason.

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