Re: Installing Marathon Looking at you, GV
Posted By: BeornDate: 2/8/13 11:38 a.m.

Copied post from HBO Forum:
: I tried to do this last night and I got stumped after I unzipped what I
: got from Sourceforge and read the readme and the other file (I think it
: was called installing.windows.txt). I did it before but I don't remember
: what I did, and I know there are some files that have been changed
: besides what goes with the engine but I don't know what they are or
: where they are. I did a forum search and looked through the news posts
: on the Marathon subsite and they didn't give me anything that was that
: useful. I thought about asking about this by e-mail but I figured this
: way anyone else that's wondering about it now or later can see it. So
: what files do I get, where do I get them from, and where do I put
: them? Also does Aleph One work alright with Windows 7 & 8?

Marathon installation is super easy these days, so some documentation might be a little dated.

http://source.bungie.org/ has everything you need. Just click the "Download for Windows" button for the Marathon version you want to play (let's be honest, you want all 3). Those versions are pre-packaged and ready to go with high-res textures and other improvements. The Sourceforge page tells you it's downloading Aleph One, but the end result will be the specific pre-packaged version that you selected. From there, extract and copy the folder to your "Program Files" directory. You can right-click the exe to add it to your Start Menu if you like.

I recommend going into the advanced graphics settings and bumping everything to the max, but disable the fog feature (it makes it hard to see targets at distance). And I can't speak for Win8, but it works very well on my Win7 x64 machine.

If you want to get just the standalone Aleph One distribution (without any Marathon data files), go here: http://source.bungie.org/download.php

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