Marathon:Aeon Testing *LINK*
Posted By: DugitDate: 8/5/12 2:12 p.m.

Marathon: Aeon has pretty much been off the boil since Christmas, but I was thinking of restarting it, given all the hype on the Pfhorums concerning a reinvigorated tri-map contest. For those of you who don't frequent Simplici7y, Aeon is a fledgling scenario project of seventeen levels, containing twelve full solo levels and a net map spinoff.

Although I have been fishing for potential testers (and one or two did come along during the Beta stage two years ago), none have so far delivered on the Pfhorums and I thought I'd try my luck here for viable testers. A word of warning: the levels in Aeon get progressively better it's a learning curve. Most of the later levels can be skipped to anyway. If you want a taste of what to expect, then look no further than the screenshots on the S7 page. The general reviews there are pretty much spot on, too.

A word on the chapter split: if you take the Jjaro terminal on Asphodel Meadows to the Venom chapter, you will come across more structured levels against humans, S'pht and Pfhor with Graybloods as allies. If you take Aemilius's terminal to the Resistance chapter, the gameplay will remain intense and hack-and-slah, against Graybloods.

My personal favorites (and coincidentally later ones with less feedback): Jjaro Jjaro Evolution, Asking A Shadow To Dance, Vae Victis/Words Which I Command, Lapsus Linguae and Frameshift Mutation.

Any criticism, small or large but preferably specific, will be warmly received. :)

Have fun.


Simplici7y Link

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Marathon:Aeon Testing *LINK*Dugit 8/5/12 2:12 p.m.
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