Re: WMaiD Short Story / Update
Posted By: baile045Date: 6/15/12 10:19 p.m.

In Response To: WMaiD Short Story / Update *LINK* (Blayne)

: Hi everyone,

: Posted an update on the WMaiD scenario Bighouse site.

: http://bighouse.bungie.org/wmaid/index_main.html

: C/P'ed here for your convenience: -----------------------------------
: WMaiD lingers with a few levels left unfinished, and broken MML scripts for
: Aleph One that tripped up development back in 2008. Textures and high
: resolution weapon sprites are complete, but without MML that functions,
: only the 'Classic' Mac OS 9 application version works.

: I'd like to finish WMaiD one day - even if it's almost ten years today since
: the project began back in 2002.

: In the meantime, here's a piece of fiction from WMaiD I wrote and updated
: recently. It reveals what happens in a 'failed' timeline - one that
: divirges from the Marathon:Infinity > WMaiD > Rubicon stream,
: becoming the one played in Marathon:Red. A few years back, I talked this
: over with both Scott from the Rubicon team, and Ian McConville, creator of
: M:Red, and recieved their permission to link the stories of each to WMaiD
: in this way. :)

: WMaiD: Future History Archive // The Battle of Rogue Star
: http://marathon.bungie.org/maraff/archive/wmaid/futureshistory.html

: Enjoy.
: -----------------------------------


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