Re: Greater Nightmare
Posted By: EarthtopusDate: 5/30/12 5:56 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Pathways 2 thoughts? (PerseusSpartacus)

: As for alterations, please make sure that the Greater Nightmare shot doesn't
: follow you so darn well. It's really irritating to get hit by every shot
: they take so long as you don't have a corner to duck behind. Also, I think
: the Venemous Skitter's poison, if possible, should wear off eventually,
: that way it's not such a huge danger to your well-being.

Greater Nightmare shots don't move side-to-side too quickly. If one's close enough to you (at a short-to-medium distance, say) when it fires, running _towards_ it and to one side can work, even though it's a bit counterintuitive.

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