The Citadel Chapter-Screen
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 5/26/12 10:56 p.m.

Forrest Cameranesi made an interesting point when he wrote:

Something just occured to me. I've recently set my desktop to cycle through Mullins/Bungie art, and as it switched over to the chapter screen for "Citadel" I got to wondering: why is this ancient image of a S'pht remniscient of a Pfhor-built S'pht compiler, and not the old 'native' S'pht we see in the terminal pictures, or some other type of S'pht cyborg like the Defenders used by the Kr? The simplest explanation is that Bungie told Craig "a S'pht temple" and he drew a S'pht figure in there modeled after the S'pht he knew from Marathon - the compilers. But perhaps there's a plausible story explanation a well...

Forrest is pointing to the Citadel chapter-screen.

However, Forrest is assuming that the S'pht look in the picture from Term 1 of Charon Doesn't Make Change is the regular appearance of S'pht warriors in that time. However, I don't think this is the full battle suit/armor of the S'pht from a thousand years ago. It seems more like this is just the S'pht exposed and removed of any battle 'armor'. Keep in mind that when slaves are taken, they tend to be removed of a fair deal of their clothes, and most certainly of any dangerous items. I believe that we never really see the S'pht battle armor in a terminal picture.

As such, I think that the Citadel chapter-screen is perfectly authentic. My best guess as to what the icon on the wall is supposed to depict is Yrro. Note that most cultures (I'm particularly thinking of ancient ones here) depict their gods in dress much like that which is popular in their culture. For instance, Athena, the Greek god of wisdom, is often depicted wearing Greek armor. Perhaps this is a depiction of Yrro as being like a S'pht, wearing S'pht armor.

However, I might also venture a guess that S'pht armor is based off of their depiction of Yrro. Just a thought.


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