Pathways influences...
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 5/21/12 10:03 a.m.

...or vague resemblances?

In Robert Zemeckis's 1984 film, Romancing the Stone, there is a scene in which the main protagonists are digging underneath what was once a small puddle. Their dig reveals a statue which closely resembles the Easter Bunny. One of the characters (can't remember who, but I think it was the one named Jack Colton) says something like "Is this someone's sick idea of a joke?"

On Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage we find the Easter Egg at the end of a long hall. Examining it reveals the following text:

"Although you don't have any formal schooling in the morphology of bird's eggs, you get the distinct impression that this is someone's bad idea of a joke."

Hmmm... "bad idea/sick idea of a joke". Strike one! Remember that we're looking at an Easter Egg and an Easter Bunny. Strike two! Also keep in mind that Romancing the Stone is an adventure movie and Pathways into Darkness is an adventure game. Strike five! "Three, sir." Strike three!

Also, in the same scene of Romancing the Stone, the characters crack open the rabbit statue to reveal an emerald. Interestingly, this emerald looks similar to the Emerald found on Lock&Load.

Is all this a coincidence...

...or is it the real deal?


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