Marathon: Ex Pluribus changes
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 5/18/12 12:45 p.m.

I may not be able to work on Ex Pluribus for a while, as I'll probably be focused on working on maps for M:PiD. However, I've decided to make some changes to gameplay after my last announcement:

- Seeing as the idea of bringing back the Hulks wasn't received very well, I've decided to replace it with something brand new. In fact, two things. First, we have the Pfhor Turret. It works like a machine gun, pouring out fast little bolts like the Drones used in M2 and Mi, and it's very durable. The best weapons for it are the Rocket Launcher and Fusion Pistol. Second, we have the Mines. These are Pfhor machines that sort of 'bury' themselves into the ground, and wait until an enemy passes over them, and then blow up. They will tend to be placed in dark areas (in which case they quite often will appear in large numbers) or around corners, and they are very difficult to spot. One kind has the power of a Trooper grenade, but the other has the power of one of your grenades. However, one shot from anything will be enough to detonate it. As such, the Assault Rifle or the Pistol will be useful against them. Also, BOBs will probably have a nasty habit of walking over them and getting blown up. Still, they will be useful for clearing an area for you so that it's safe to move in.
- I've gotten rid of the idea of a Revolver. Instead, you still have a Pistol. However, it does more damage than before, takes more time to reload, and looks vaguely like a Mauser C96 with the proportions screwed up.
- Finally, I've decided to keep dual-wield Shotguns. But, no more twirly reloading. Instead, it's a pump-action Shotgun. However, I haven't figured out how you would pump the gun with one hand. I'll see if it's possible.


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