August 12, 2012
Posted By: baile045Date: 4/26/12 1:03 p.m.

So if your ever wondering about Pathways Into Darkness 2 and what's happened to it, here you go.

•The projects still in development, not cancelled.
•We've basically been hiding it for a month.
•More people are working on it.
•Brandon Reese is composing the soundtrack.
•Releases worldwide August 12, 2012

We have hit errors and bugs, but they're being fixed. We are doing our best to create a world similar to the first, but improving on what Bungie did.
Speaking of Bungie, they know about it. They even gave us permission to develop it. Deej will do a cover story on it. Cool.
If you want to help in anyway, tell me by emailing me at bailey.smith28@yahoo.com or call/text 6012703105, or tell me here. Thx

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August 12, 2012baile045 4/26/12 1:03 p.m.
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