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Posted By: GodotDate: 4/22/12 10:54 p.m.

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: ...or vague resemblances?

: Impostor is a 1953 science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick.

: In it, humanity is at war with an alien race from Alpha Centauri. These
: aliens utilize 'replicants' - fake humans with transplanted memories. Each
: replicant has a small nuclear bomb inside it. A man named Spencer Olham is
: arrested on suspicion of being a replicant. He tries to prove that he is
: not a replicant.

: There is an intense similarity between the replicants of Impostor and the
: Simulacrums of Marathon , except that the replicants have false memories
: (just like Rachel from Blade Runner ) and their bombs are nuclear and
: therefore far more powerful.

: In 1962, the hit UK television series Out of This World broadcast an
: episode based on the short story, and then in 2002, a film adaptation
: starring Gary Sinise and bearing the same name was made.

: Could it be that Jason Jones or some other employee at Bungie related to
: story development had at least partially based the idea for Simulacrums on
: the replicants of Impostor ? Remember that the story was written by
: Philip K. Dick, the same person who wrote Do Androids Dream of Electric
: Sheep? , which later became the basis for the film Blade Runner .

: So, maybe Jason Jones, while looking through stuff related to Blade Runner
: and Philip K. Dick, found Impostor and developed the idea for
: Simulacrums?

Hey nice find. Didn't know about this Philip K Dick short story. Must check it out.

Interesting to note that the Out of This World episode of Imposter was adapted by Terry Nation who would go on the work on Dr. Who and Blake's 7.

I'll add this to the page. Thanks.


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