The Simulacrums on Unpfhorgiven
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 4/15/12 10:05 p.m.

I'm not sure if it's on Unpfhorgiven, but at some point, we enter a dark room containing small cells of Bobs. The thing is that once we free said Bobs, some of them turn out to really be Simulacrums, waiting to blow up in our face. The question is, why put Simulacrums in with your prisoners? You could say that the Pfhor mixed up the two and accidentally put some Simulacrums in the cells and some real Bobs back on the Marathon, but I don't think that's it.

If you'll recall, on the very same level we encounter Bobs being freakily experimented on by the Pfhor. Seems this was the Prisoner Testing & Experimentation Section of the Pfhor ship. ;)

My guess is that the Simulacrums in the cells are being tested. Why?

Remember that a sub-purpose of the Simulacrums is to act/look convincing and to blend in with real Bobs. The question is, why put Simulacrums on the Marathon if you aren't sure (i.e. if you haven't tested to be sure) if they really will act convincingly?

Thus, if the Pfhor were being smart, they would've tested their Simulacrums first. How?

By making an isolated environment (i.e. a cell) and putting some real Bobs and a Simulacrum or two inside it, you can see how humans would respond to a Simulacrum being within their midst. This is what those cells on Unpfhorgiven are supposed to be.

The question is, why have those windows where the Bobs can look out, see the Pfhor and get freaked out, instead of just having a hidden camera and no windows?

My answer: situation psychology. These Simulacrums are being used aboard the Marathon, and the real Bobs there will be freaked out like crazy, what with all the Pfhor rampaging up and down the halls trying to kill them. So, provide a bit of fear, paranoia and hopefully freakiness to it all for the trapped Bobs, that way you can make the test 'simulation' as realistic as possible.

I always knew Bobs were useful for something more than just target practice. ;)

Your Humble Servant,

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