Re: Regarding Robert Blake
Posted By: chiasaur11Date: 4/4/12 7:37 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Regarding Robert Blake *LINK* (XaleManix)

: I actually wrote the post after reading the whole page.

: What about the glowing-looking on the eye?
: (My processors are heavily stressed right now, unable to further elaborate.)

Blake seems to exist if anyone does.

He's mentioned in the ending, he basically calls Durandal a dick (which doesn't fit our favorite egomaniac's style), and he's concerned about friendly fire.

He also didn't know Tau Ceti was wiped. No reason for Durandal to lie on the subject.

Figure Blake was just being played the same way as the S.O. Enough intel he's dancing on a string. Not so much he knows he's being used for a sucker. Only Blake wouldn't get the friendly asides about how dumb the humans are.

Durandal almost seems to like the player, and loves bragging. If this was a big fakeout on his part, he'd mention it.

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