Re: Crystal Charges
Posted By: HopperDate: 3/4/12 8:36 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Crystal Charges (MrM12LRV)

: Is this a feature in the demo vA1? One would have to edit in the yellow
: crystal so that they can be combined

That prompted me to look at the item descriptions in the demo.

  1. Yellow - same as full game

  2. Blue - same as full game

  3. Orange - same, except for a copy-paste error: "To begin charging the blue crystal..."

  4. Violet - this slot, blank in the full game, reads: "There's nothing particularly interesting about the violet crystal."

  5. Blue/Yellow - same as the full game's violet-crystal description, except for the same copy-paste error as orange. There's no color mentioned in the description, aside from the erroneous blue, and nothing indicating its combined heritage.

  6. Green - shorter than the full game, but with one distinction: "The brown crystal is very rough in texture."

  7. Black - another short version: "It is very painful to handle this crystal."

If you don't have an emulator with ResEdit handy, the demo string resources are posted in XML format along with the maps,. This format is the same as Aleph One's stringset MML.

PID Strings in XML: Demo A1 - Demo 2.0 - Full 2.0

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