Re: Pipes coincidence
Posted By: Ron HunsingerDate: 3/1/12 3:50 a.m.

In Response To: Pipes coincidence (Earthtopus)

: Oh, I see. It is possible to lure him out by doing nothing but hovering at
: the edge of the door. My playthrough almost suffered because I was saving
: and killing as many Ghasts as I could before entering the room and after
: one save he was a sector away around the corner.

: I believe this would account for confusion regarding cause and effect if you
: happened to be blowing the Pipes.

Depends on what you're using for light. When you come onto a level, all the monsters are asleep. Sleeping monsters don't move or attack. They also cannot be shot. (Bullets go right through them.) As you move around, monsters try to wake up, but only 12 can be awake at a time. Trying to awaken a 13th monster puts the furthest away back to sleep (or keeps it from waking up). The things that wake up a monster are:

1. You see it (or rather, see the some part of the cell it's in). Your light source affects what cells you see.
2. You get within 2 cell-widths of it, whether you can see it or not.
3. It's within 2.5 cell-widths of another waking monster.
4. It's born. (All new monsters are born awake, subject to the 12-can-be-awake limit.)
5. It's within 8 cell-widths of you when you blow the pipes.
6. It's within 8 cell-widths of you when you try to rest.

A monster goes back to sleep if:

1. There are 12 nearer monsters awake.
2. You get more than 8 cell-widths away from it.
3. It can't figure out how to get to you. (For example, you woke it through a wall.)
4. You leave the level.

In the case of Barney, I was probably using the pipes to lure him in because I usually keep my flashlight turned off. Just the same, I no longer like that strategy. I don't like getting hurt, and it's possible to get past him and the Ghasts without taking any damage at all. Go through the door, draw his fire, and dodge around it and him, clearing a path through the Ghasts with fragmentation grenades.

The only real purpose of luring him into the room with the save rune was so I could explore the rest of the level at my leisure, looking for hidden passages and missed items. Now that I know there aren't any, other than the lead box, there's no need to take all that damage.

-Ron Hunsinger

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