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Posted By: EarthtopusDate: 2/27/12 12:16 p.m.

Playing through OK, Who Else Wants some several hundred times makes me feel a bit like a section-hiker on the Appalachian trail; I've completed everything in stages--just haven't strung the whole thing together yet.

31 damage in OK, Who Else Wants some (damage in rooms 6 and 7, both of which I've gotten through using the same method on other runs) using three Red and three Pale Violet potions.

There are 18 of every monster except Ghasts (9) and Phantasms/Greater Nightmares (12), so far as I can tell:


dodge left, step forward and right in an arc curling around behind the Demon to clear out the front left, back left, back right, and stragglers behind me was my mainstay. Frag grenades first, then AK for mop-up. Careful reloading is key, as is equipping the right crystals beforehand.

Starting kit: One SABOT clip above HE, blue Crystal equipped for the teleporter maze Greater Nightmares.

1,2: You can get through the Headless and Zombies with no crystals and four frag grenades each. Equip the Violet after round 2.

3: Phantasms: Left-right-behind-the-Demon can get all 12 in 3 Violet Crystal strikes; there may be a straggler but 2 Blue Crystals saves the Violet here.

4,5: The Ghouls can be defeated with one frag grenade and one Green Crystal from a suitably central position (since it attacks at all 512 "degrees" of the circle). For the Nightmares a Violet Crystal attack to wipe out the back left and give freedom of movement. These rooms are probably doable without crystals, but I've saved them for so long...

6: The Oozes are either really tough or really easy depending on where they are in firing pattern when you teleport in. Manual reloading camping helps a bit, as does the Green Crystal; if you can run down the left side without getting hung up on reloading you can do it. One ooze hit in the 31-dmg run, but I've perfected the room before. Equip the Infra-Red goggles here.

7: My first potion! Red, a grenade to clear the left side, and you're off and running. They melt under HE rounds but you have to be careful--even hasted they'll get behind you as you make your way towards the back of the room.

8: My second potion! Pale violet for the Spheres; you need quick fingers to pause (AS you teleport in) or else the first one will tag you for four anyway). I've done it without manually reloading the grenades, but they can ablate a Pale Violet so fast that it's often not worth it. Scan left-right (or right-left) manually reloading frag grenades and the whole thing might be doable with 15-20 damage without a potion.

9: Skitters! Move fast shoot fast. This may also be doable without a potion, but a Bubbling Red (and a lucky bounce on the firing sequence when you teleport in) makes a lot of different. Frag grenade and green crystal to open up one side, and they melt away under HE rounds.

10: Ghasts! Can be beaten without a potion, but you have to be a speedy pauser: look left slightly fire grenade manual reload (2x) look right and the same (2x) takes care of them before the ones on the right can get a shot off. I'm 2-for-2 once I stopped taking potions.

11: Venemous Skitters! The uber-Skitter room; I think I've beaten it with only a RED (on the runthrough where I didn't use it for the Wraiths) but if you have two purple and one red left at this stage it's best to use a purple. Manual reloading, the Green Crystal once at the start and then the Violet Crystal to clear paths, and lots of HE rounds can win the day.

Then move SABOT rounds above HE, equip the black crystal, and pause as you enter:

12: Greater Nightmares! I took both a Pale Violet and a Bubbling Red here, cleared out the left-hand side with the Crystal, and the right-hand side with SABOT rounds. This might be doable without a red, but the Pale Violet is only good for about six shots so you'd better kill fast (and they're harder to dodge unhasted). Somehow I still have a Black Crystal charge left (although it may shatter the next time).

Careful scooching forward and switching to inventory means it is possible to pick up the Gemstone while taking no damage, even hasted, and then caution on I'd Rather Be Surfing for spawned Ghasts and Skitters, and you can sidle on over to the save rune on Lasciate. It's off to get the Nuclear Device and eat the egg and do this all again without potions!

I'm sure _that_ will be fun.

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blam blam blamEarthtopus 2/27/12 12:16 p.m.
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