ShapeFusion 0.6
Posted By: treellamaDate: 2/20/12 4:45 p.m.

ShapeFusion 0.6 is up on SourceForge: http://sf.net/projects/shapefusion

ShapeFusion 0.6 requires Mac OS X 10.4, Windows XP, or Linux with wxWidgets 2.8

Changes since 0.5:

Copy and paste support for bitmaps

New frames have sane default bitmaps associated

Support for importing and deleting sound permutations, editing many more sound fields, and editing sound codes. Just like in Anvil, it's still your responsibility to make sure they're multiples of 5!

Support for creating and applying Anvil format shapes patches

Fixed loading/saving minimum light intensities less than 100%

ShapeFusion can now automatically detect files based on file extension or contents; it is no longer necessary to choose the correct file type from the menu before opening

ShapeFusion can now edit physics files, including copy/paste of elements between files

ShapeFusion now uses Anvil's names by default. You can still customize for scenarios by using a DefaultNames.txt file, but i have not generated one with the new names yet.

Some Windows fixes from Hopper: better window appearance; less flicker in sequence view; special characters in sequence names work now

ShapeFusion can copy and paste entire collections, including between files. Click on the 8-bit or True color version to copy/paste

Got rid of the New command, since it didn't do anything useful

Double click on a frame in sequence view to quickly type in a new frame index

New configure system thanks to Hopper

A beautiful new icon from Goran Svensson

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ShapeFusion 0.6treellama 2/20/12 4:45 p.m.
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