Why should I wait? Oh, that's not all, you say?
Posted By: EarthtopusDate: 2/15/12 7:24 p.m.

12:33 PM, Sunday, 59 damage

Please Excuse Our Dust was been one of the most annoying patches to get through given my self-imposed playstyle restrictions. I'm getting all the potions, even though I suspect I could skip a blue one and come out OK at this stage, which limits my ability to blow through these levels. 17 minutes of game time (Watch your Step took longer for ammo farming, I'd Rather Be Surfing because of the asphyxiation atrium), mostly because I'm too impatient to stockpile ammunition, and use my runs back to the lonely save rune right at the start of the level to help regenerate SABOT rounds.

Playing "lights off" perhaps has its ultimate payoff on this level, as simply avoiding looking towards the center of the level allowed me to work my way along the walls towards the delicious delicious potions I'm stockpiling. It feels silly, but "if I can't see you, you can't see me" works in this game especially in this, the most open of the Pit levels. Now that I'm on But Wait, That's Not All, the IR goggles are useful to peek around corners, put them on and take them off to waken monsters, and then ambush them around corners.

I finally ducked into the teleporter (the game is nice enough to give you another save rune right at the start) and have cleared out just less than half of But Wait, That's Not All.

I'm still on pace (if I hadn't slept three times in the suffocation room) to get to the final save rune with elements of my original 6 health, with no potions used. (I slept because when was I going to have time to, and because I'd already hit 55/60 damage taken, and wasn't sure how much it was going to take to get past the Green Oozes and the Greater Nightmare ambush on PEOD. (4, apparently.) Sure, I don't have the nuclear device yet, so this wouldn't be possible on a once-through-the-end only run, but it's still a possible goal.


PS: I like to stab lone ghasts to death when they spawn as I'm c̶r̶a̶v̶e̶n̶l̶y̶ heroically saving my progress, and...they have the bluest eyes! Now I need to check out Zombies and Sentinels...

PPS: speaking of ghasts, so what sort of evil ghast(ly) ritual did Javier and Carlos interrupt, and how deep in their ritual were those seven to all stand obligingly in a circle when they were hit? I'd prefer to think they teleported the glass vial away two levels down a second before Javier could pick it up, fueling his impatience and greed. And when they finally caught up to be, I see Carlos frantically reminding him they were told to bring it back unopened, telling his leader not to lose his head...

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Why should I wait? Oh, that's not all, you say?Earthtopus 2/15/12 7:24 p.m.
     +obligatory screenshotEarthtopus 2/15/12 7:29 p.m.

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