Re: the OpenOffice spreadsheet
Posted By: HopperDate: 2/15/12 11:05 a.m.

In Response To: Re: the OpenOffice spreadsheet (Godot)

: OpenOffice won't run on my OS X 10.7.3 Mac.

I use NeoOffice, works like a charm.

: Any change you can capture an image of the whole spreadsheet? I'd like to add
: it to the PID page.

That was an image of the entire contents at 100%, there was nothing beyond the boundaries except window chrome and empty cells. At that scale, it's not very helpful for comparing the first 20 levels, but that was the idea. :/

If you're looking for a better comparison of the earlier levels, here's a mostly-legible chart (file here) that stops before "Don't Get Poisoned". Someone more chart-savvy than I could certainly do a better job with it.

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