PID item locations: topsnark did it!
Posted By: GodotDate: 2/12/12 9:14 a.m.

Senior moment. On the PID page. topsnark's PID item locations (under Miscellaneous)

This is the What's New entry for Oct 16, 2000.

Want to know the location of every weapon, ammo clip, potion, item of treasure, etc. on every map? Well help is at hand. topsnark <TopSnark@aol.com> writes:

enclosed (291K) is my work from a while ago on the PID maps. The key for the maps is the file 'descriptions' feel free to work it in however you want.

The interesting/peculiar part is the 'Hex reps/notes' file, where I made my asides on editing the saved game file-- nothing new except for items. After I played throught the game, with a goal of taking every item possible, I wondered if there were others (more, secret) left, so using the fact that I had a ton of walther ammo left and a limit to items per level, I tried to see how many I could drop on each level. Odd results. Most are 40 or very nearly so. Was anything besides objects taking up the limit? Were they non-real? Or are they off the map or in a wall? Since PID picks up items on entering a square and since we can see what we're standing on, we don't really know. I gave up there.

I suppose the other plus of hexing the game was that I was able to conjoin my portions of maps of seperate teleports, so its only one pic per level, with two exceptions. Labyrinth changes. Who else wants some is really odd-- I fiddled with the location hex a lot and found some odd area, but no indication what it is. Maybe like Marathon's maps with wall line comments or something.

Lucky this time we are only in a 12 year repetitive cycle rather than an eighteen year one. :)


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PID item locations: topsnark did it!Godot 2/12/12 9:14 a.m.
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