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Posted By: EarthtopusDate: 2/10/12 7:33 p.m.

I got through the western "half" of Don't Get Poisoned (I could bolt for the teleporter down and tried that once or twice, which would save me a few minutes of gameplay and 20 of so grenades) but I'd rather have the potions. I might try a straight speedrun if I don't get thoroughly sick of the game as I keep making careful notes of where I could shave 2-3 minutes of level time.

Mapping teleporters, killing Venomous Skitters and teleporting away, using each round of SABOT ammo as the box makes it...pretty repetitive.

But thanks to Hamish linking to a bunch of comp.sys.mac.games posts, I've been searching them all for old Pathways conversations, and found this, which was apparently unwitting inspiration.

: "You eventually take some unavoidable damage at the end of POD. There is
: a long hallway you have to go down that has some demons in it, where there
: is no room to dodge. I couldn't get through there without getting hit.
: Kind of a let-down after doing HHCC without taking any damage. I was
: beginning to think I would be able to get all the way through unscathed.
: But of course there is no way to get through "Watch Your Step" unscathed,
: so it was hopeless anyway. And I gave up trying to do "Labyrinth"
: perfectly, although it's theoretically possible."

I am pleased that even if I have not had an original idea, I have proven that

a) you can get through that long hallway. Took me about twenty tries. There are two batches at you too, although you can slip down a hallway (and straight at another Wraith) to dodge the shots of the second one.

b) it is more than theoretically possible to proceed through the Labyrinth ladder to ladder in an undamaged fashion. Getting the crystal (longer trip) without using a red crystal is still theoretical for me at last.

Ron was of course right about Watch Your Step (ah, a single pale violet potion above that would have made all the difference) and I add that the Green Oozes require at least 4 damage. (_maybe_ only three if you don't mind them chasing you out and drink it just late enough that they don't block you). I'm coming up on the Greater Nightmare at the start of Please Excuse Our Dust.

Hamish, your page for that level says "there's very little you can do to avoid taking damage." Has anyone escaped unscathed w/o a potion? I'm eager to find out if I can, but the east room of Don't Get Poisoned (and a Pale Violet potion, speak of the devil) beckon first...


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leafing through the archives *LINK*Earthtopus 2/10/12 7:33 p.m.
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