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Posted By: poena.dareDate: 2/7/12 4:32 p.m.

Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian leaves Disney

After one year of leading Disney Interactive's games business, Bungie and Wideload co-founder Alex Seropian has left the company altogether.

Disney confirmed Seropian's resignation to Gamasutra, noting that former Blizzard exec Bill Roper is set to take his place.

Seropian, who helped co-found Halo studio Bungie in 1991, first joined Disney Interactive in 2009 when the company acquired the Chicago-based Stubbs the Zombie developer Wideload Games.

In January 2011, in the wake of a sizable round of layoffs at the company, Seropian became Disney's SVP and general manager of core games, where he was tasked with getting the company's struggling games business on track.

Since he assumed the new role, Disney has trended away from traditional console development, and has focused more on its offerings in the social market.

Bill Roper, on the other hand, joined Disney in July, and previously held key positions at Blizzard North, Hellgate: London developer Flasgship Studios, and Champions Online developer Cryptic Studios.

Today, Disney's Interactive Media division also reported decreased revenues and widening loses for its first fiscal quarter, due in part to the company's sparse console game lineup.



His hands were tied by Disney's bizarre bureaucracy and they replaced him with Roper - a singularly mediocre manager, but no doubt much cheaper.

Gamasutra Story

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