S'pht'Kr Unmasked?
Posted By: President PeopleDate: 2/7/12 4:14 p.m.

I was playing around with the S'pht'Kr collection today, and I noticed a small detail behind the glass: A small tan oval. I realized that this could be the eye of a S'pht lying hidden within!

Look closely! I drew a (rather poor) guide below the first image to help pick out the important details. In the first view, you can see what might be the S'pht's hand at the bottom right of his bubble. You can see the texture of his skin throughout the collection. I also posted the terminal pictures showing the exposed S'pht below the guide to (hopefully) further my case. (From "Charon Doesn't Make Change" and "The Hard Stuff Rules…")

Can you see him yet? Please tell me I'm not crazy. :P

This may already be known, but I didn't find anything pertaining to it in the S'pht section.

Also, it was noted in the S'pht section that there was unexplained red blood splattered on the dead S'pht'Kr in the "Envy" Infinity chapter screen. If you look at the second terminal picture above, you can see that there is also red blood on the walls and on the Pfhor surgeons. While there isn't any blood on the current "patient" (or the yellow cloth), one could assume that the previous "patient" was a S'pht as well.

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