Old Bungie interview from 1995 *LINK*
Posted By: GodotDate: 2/3/12 9:24 a.m.

I have added the Inside Mac Games Interview with Bungie Software from early 1995 to the Story page. Marathon had just been released when this interview was conducted.

I had thought this was already up on the page but it seems to have been misdirected to another part of the Story archive. It's of historical importance. Highlights include: waiting for the boxes (or the true reason for the long Marathon delay), Marathon compared to Pathways, Marathon compare to DOOM, secret cheat code, the ARA patch, a Marathon port, and the leaked Marathon beta.

Here's one interesting piece:

IMG: Do you think a few years from now we'll still be playing games like Marathon and DOOM
or is this just a craze?

Jones: Yes, I think it's a fad. You are going to see a bunch of these games come out on the PC and Mac. But they are definitely going to stay, they are definitely cool but people are going to get tired of them and something new will come out. But I don't think you can beat their simplicity, I think they'll be around for a while.

And Jason's views on Marathon's story and level design:

I realize that we still didn't do as well as we could in Marathon. The first levels in Marathon aren't as good as the later ones, they aren't as well thought out. The geometry isn't as good, they're sort of boring, and the monsters aren't that exciting. Also the writing in the beginning isn't as good as the writing in the end. But I think Marathon is much more open to first time users than Pathways was.

Parts of the interview were originally published as short movie clips located on the IMG CD. Unfortunately I cannot locate these. If you have the original IMG CD Jan/Feb 1995 issue please let me know as I would like to add the movie clips to the Story page.



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