Posted By: GodotDate: 1/28/12 8:32 a.m.

In Response To: Re: LOL *LINK* (Godot)

: Aye that's mentioned on the Story page somewhere along with a link to the
: movie clips. Probably all dead now but I probably have it archived. I need
: to add this to my list of Blast from the Past.

: Thanks for the memory jog.

What's New Feb 14, 2005 (Monday)

Swedish Marathon? Well not exactly. Back in the myths of time.. well May 7, 2000 to be precise... Sebastian Brytting noted on the Story page that gameplay from Marathon 2 was used in a Swedish movie under the name "Final Doom". As this Story forum post points out the clips of the movie were supposed to posted by Hamish. According to the Bungie Webmaster in his 'Letters to the Webmaster' (circa 1998) "there was actually a non-Bungie game called Final Doom, and it sold principally to psychos who live in the Stockholm subways, so the game in the movie may not have been Marathon 2." Of course we all know who the Bungie Webmaster was... right!?

Well the time has come to reveal the tru7h! Check out these clips of the Swedish movie Beck 2 - Spår i Mörker in .mov format:

Swedish movie clip 1 (4416K)
Swedish movie clip 2 (2657K)
Swedish movie clip 3 (2749K)


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