WMaiD and Jjaro levels *LINK*
Posted By: BlayneDate: 1/22/12 6:29 a.m.

Hi everyone,

It's been... a long time since I've been here. Back in highschool (2002) I started "Where Monsters are in Dreams", a scenario that took place between M2 and Rubicon - and helped place Marathon:Red in continuity. I got the blessings of Scott from the Rubicon team, as well as Ian McConville from M:Red to do that.

Life got in the way. So, ten years later - I'm trying to tie up loose ends.

I just replaced my last internal beta-build of WMaiD using Xpadder + a Xbox USB controller - and it was AWESOME. :)

There's still work I need to do, and I'll have to boot up my old, old Powermac 6500/250 to finish this - but it's something I need to do.

A question - I need to fill out the scenario's 1st chapter (there's 30 some-odd levels), as well as the last chapter with Jjaro-esk architecture level design.

If anyone has fun, or interesting single player maps that aren't part of an existing scenario they'd like included, please let me know.

I might have to chop up/redesign/retexture said levels, but you'd still be given credit.

What finally derailed WMaiD back in 2006 was life - but also MML scripts ceasing to work with a new build. So, I still have high res. textures for the scenario - but I'll leave their implementation to someone more adept than I after the release.

Any questions, drop me a line: blaynescott@gmail.com


Where Monsters are in Dreams

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