Re: Any scenarios???
Posted By: NIcholaiDate: 1/18/12 1:46 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Any scenarios??? (NIcholai)

: No I hadn't, but I will soon.

: I would really like to make this scenario, too bad I have no mapping skills.
: I even created the "Vid-Bob's oath" which goes like this:
: ----sorry if there's any language mistakes, English is not my mother
: tongue

: I pledge to use all sniper ledges as my guardians, to always shoot in short
: controlled bursts, to admit dead is only natural, to never run where you
: can bravely stand and fight and to absolutely always preserve my fellow
: BoB's life.

: I also thought of adding "to take on all hits" based on the BoBs'
: tendency not move when a deadly projectile coming to them.

How do I create marathon maps, shapes, and physic models if my mac won't run classic anymore???
I'm really thinking of giving it a shot and try to make the scenario... I mean, it's not much of a complicated scenario after all, is it?

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