Re: Any scenarios???
Posted By: NIcholaiDate: 1/14/12 10:20 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Any scenarios??? *LINK* (President People)

: Have you played tried the Rambo XXXIII physics from the Anvil Sample Models
: folder? I uploaded them to Simplici7y some time ago.

No I hadn't, but I will soon.

I would really like to make this scenario, too bad I have no mapping skills. I even created the "Vid-Bob's oath" which goes like this: ----sorry if there's any language mistakes, English is not my mother tongue

I pledge to use all sniper ledges as my guardians, to always shoot in short controlled bursts, to admit dead is only natural, to never run where you can bravely stand and fight and to absolutely always preserve my fellow BoB's life.

I also thought of adding "to take on all hits" based on the BoBs' tendency not move when a deadly projectile coming to them.

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