Re: Marathon Sounds list
Posted By: President PeopleDate: 9/28/11 2:46 p.m.

In Response To: Marathon Sounds list (Godot)

: Though to be fair a few sounds are only ever used once, so there is a
: chance that you may never hear them. For example, where do you hear a
: locked alien door in M1?

I'm pretty sure you can hear it when you stand on an open split door, and wait for it to close on you. The door will make the error sound and reopen, starting the cycle over again. There are split doors on all the Pfhor levels.

I can't verify this for myself because SheepShaver won't let me run certain programs. "Zero K needed, 496,627 K available"? Whatever. :(

: You won't find that sound in M1A1, it was never assigned.

With the stock M1A1 Sounds file, you can't hear it because the "Pfhor Door Obstructed" slot is empty. I guess they forgot? If you were to reimport the sound, however, an obstructed alien door would indeed make an obstructed alien door sound. :)

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