Re: Marathon 2 Preview *LINK*
Posted By: LawstikerDate: 5/13/11 12:59 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon 2 Preview *LINK* (Godot)

: Wow Blast from the Past. Summer of '95 and The Disc. It was hot summer. I
: remember it well. Sweat rolling down my back as I toiled through the
: terminals for the Story site. The Preview had the M1 sprites and different
: Bob sayings. To swim you had to tap the run key. Ah the memories. "Is
: it still out there?" I doubt it. Most likely any online copies were
: replaced by the Demo a few months later. " Anyone have a copy?"

: ***scene inside the Story page archive***

: trudge... trudge... trudge..........

: ......... trudge... trudge... trudge.

: Yes, there is one copy left on the shelves.

: Cheers
: Hamish

When I read this a second time, something clicked in my mind. I had seen a file called "M2_preview.sit" somewhere on the net, and after a little searching managed to find it again on Bungie.nets ftp, sitting under m2.tools section for some reason.

Loading it up in Sheepshaver shows it as the Preview, not the demo, and there's a few other things that leads me to believe this might be the preview version. I'll let you guys determine for yourselves if it is or not.

Once lost preview?

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