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Certain people at the Runescape forums don't like my intros. They're not finished, probley won't turn into rps on the forums, but they're readable. Thought you guys might wanna read'em.



Frank walked down the dark hallways of Alpha Base. In his hand he carried his assault rifle. The flashlight attached to it began to dim slowly. The batteries were starting to die on him. As he walked down the hallways of Alpha Base bloody footsteps were created on the metal floor. Blood also drips from his pants. He was one of the few survivers of something very horrable. His main objective, at the moment, was to reach a security checkpoint that was not that far away. He was halfway there. There he believed he could find some help. He won't survive long without it.

Out a window could be see the surface of Traxus, a hostile enviroment that nobody could live on for long. The planet was pretty much made up of rock. Huge mountains, large crevices, and giangatic volcanoes are scattered all over the surface. The reason for the construction of Alpha Base was to search below the surface for the important structures that were once above. The structures, mainly the temples, held high value to the UEG.

Just as Frank was walking down the hallway his flashlight finally died. "Not good." he muttered now pointing his rifle in front of him in case something were to appear. A mutant virus that had originated in one of the main temples had been released. It then spread through the air and began to infect people. He was one of the lucky ones that was immune to it.

As Frank walked down the hallway without a light up ahead could be seen a small light. It wasn't the brightest light but he was able to see a little more. He no longer was walking in the pitch dark hallways. Most of the lights in his sector had lost power. Walking over to where the light was shining he finds a dead person with a flashlight. From the look of the corpse he was killed not that long ago.

"Thanks for the light comrade." he said taking the flashlight from the corpse's cold grip. Taking the dead flashlight off of the rifle he replaced it with the new one. The light gave him a sense of warm and protection. Without a light the monsters could come out of nowhere. They had the advantage in dark places.

With the new light Frank could see where to go now. Hearing a sound from down a hallway he pointed his rifle toward the noise. He could see another dead person. The security checkpoint was down that way. Waiting for a couple seconds before continuing he began to walk down the hallway that the noise came from. Stepping onto a metal grate it broke off. Frank fell down it into a shaft that lead into a different area. He then fell into a puddle of dark red blood.

As he got onto his feet a monsterous growl was heard somewhere nearby. Quickly pointing his rifle toward it a deformed human being was spotted. With Frank's light shining toward it the deformed human lunged toward him with its unnatural claws. Firing his assault rifle it went flying back. Bullets casings flew out of his gun as he held onto the trigger. A monster from behind found Frank distracted. Taking advantage it clawed him at his back. Not knowing of the monster from behind he was clawed. Blood began to drip onto the floor as he quickly turned around to kill the other monster. Kicking it in the head it went flying back. Pulling the trigger again bullets began to fly. Turning toward another direction expecting more a monster stabbed him with some deformed arm. Frank was injured badly by the monster's attack. The three monsters, together, lunge toward Frank and begin devouring him.

Frank struggled and screamed as he tried to get the monsters to stop them from killing him. As the monsters got closer to finishing him he raised his right hand into the air. He had failed to reach the security checkpoint and instead was killed by the monsterous beings. This is the horrable end for those who fail to survive against them. The monsters finish him off and began to have their fill of their meal. After having their fill they left Frank's corpse on the metal floor.

This is Deadfall.


Space, the last frontier for mankind...
They search for new worlds as they explore through space...
But little do they know of the dangers that linger at the corners...
Dangers that have existed for centuries...

Dangers that could end their existence as they know it.

Marax system

A Pfhor spacecraft drifted through space as it decided its move. Their leader, W'kar, planned an attack against the Terrans. They look for ways to stop the Terrans and win the war. The war, against the Pfhor and humans, started in the year 2794, the attack of the U.E.S.C. Marathon. The humans were not expecting an attack against anything. The colony on Tau Ceti was destroyed a little latter. Angered by the Pfhor the Terrans declared war and so began the slaughter.

The war is still raging on.

As the Pfhor spacecraft continued to drift pieces of space trash became to come closer. Being near the hangar bay they drifted into it. The Pfhor paid little attention to the trash as they were busy planning. This was their fatal flaw. Out of the trash came an alien slug not of Pfhor origin. It crawled its way toward a fighter paying no attention to the small slug. Curling itself into a somewhat spring it flinged itself onto the fighter and began killing it. The fighter tried to get it off but the slug won in the end. Nobody heard the fighter struggle against the slug. With nobody guarding that certain hangar bay monster began to crawl out of the trash.

>>Pfhor Translator Activated<<

"Sir," a fighter said from his control panel, "We've lost contact from the hangar."
"Send somebody in to check what is going on." ordered W'kar.
"Yes sir." Returning to his control panel he communitcates with other fighters to find out what is wrong with the hangar.

As the group of fighters arrive at the hangar a large monster lunged toward the leader of the group and began mauling him. A fighter tried to hit the beast off but he tried in vain. The leader of the group is killed. The fighters tried to get away but a different monster appears and raised its arms toward the group. Small balls of fire is shot at the fighters and burn them. The group is burned to death from the small balls of fire that were shot out of something on the monster's arms.

"Sir, the group of fighters were killed." the fighter said from his control panel. "None survived."
"What is killing my units!" W'kar demanded with anger. "Send more units to eliminate the hostile forces!"
"Yes sir." Turning back to his panel he sent in a group of prepared troopers to eliminate the monsters that are killing their comrades.

The prepared group of troopers ran to the hangar to find that stuff was growing on the floor, walls, and the ceiling. Ignoring the sign that something that horrible stuff was probley inside they walk in. The hangar was in bad shape. Gray and red colored things were growing everywhere along with cacoons that held something inside. As they were going to begin inspecting stuff the monsters lunged out of their hiding spots. The troopers open fired on them, but there was little they could do. The monsters clearly had the advantage in here. They tore the Pfhor troopers apart, limb to limb.

The same fighter that had sent both the group of fighters and group of troopers turned back to W'kar. "S-s-sir." he stuttered. The fighter was paler than normal. "The troopers were killed. Whatever is killing everybody is begining to leave the hangar."
W'kar turned to the young fighter. "Arm everybody." he ordered. "Everybody is to fight for their live."
"Yes sir." With that said the fighter leaves the panel to arm himself with whatever he can get his alien hands on.

Pfhor began to race toward the armories. Pushing and shoving they collected anything they could have. With arms they raced around the spacecraft to kill the intrudering monsters. Battles broke out all over the Pfhor spacecraft against the monsters. Little survived against them.

As the monsters progressed through the ship the Pfhor began to make their last stand at the control deck. "Block the door!" W'kar yelled as he held onto his napalm cannon. The monsters were getting closer to the control deck. There was little time left. The doors, one of the few exits out of the room, began to be banged on. The mosnters, probley the last thing alive out there, were trying to get into the room and finish them all off. As soon as the door broke open just enough a trooper fired a grenade into the opening. The grenade exploded on the other end, but it didn't stop them. Soon enough they all broke in. Pfhor of every rank open fired on them. The fighter that had the job of controling one of the panels stepped back. A piece of the flooring gave away and he fell down it. The Pfhor in the control room were likely doomed. As the fighter fell onto the hard metal floor he struggled to get up. His name was F'tha, a surviver of the attack that the monsters had just done.

>>Pfhor Translator Deactivated<<

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