My 7 Errors n Scrapbook pg
Posted By: poenadareDate: 2/5/11 7:25 a.m.

Sorry my Errors in the Scrapbook page is down, as after 10 years I decided to re-do my site from scratch and I have no idea when that will be completed.

For those of you that have never seen my page, you didn't miss anything. I just took what Hamish had already written and rearranged the entries by page number so you could print it out and stick it in your copy of the scrapbook.

Page 1 - First Error (Found Oct 15, 1999)
GNOP! is freeware.

Page 3 - Seventh Error (Found Oct 21, 1999)
GK ate a dishwasher.

Page 4 - Second Error (Found Oct 17, 1999)
Bungie unveiled the reworked Marathon at the Boston MW Expo in August '94.

Page 4 - Sixth Error (Found Oct 21, 1999)
The MWSF 95 picture was taken much earlier.

Page 5 - Non-Factual Error (Found Oct 21, 1999)
Remove the word "aforementioned".

Page 11 - Third Error (Found Oct 20, 1999)
December 14th was a Wednesday.

Page 27 - Fifth Error (Found Oct 20, 1999)
Infinity had 30 solo levels.

Page 29 - Fourth Error (Found Oct 20, 1999)
The announced date wasn't announced.

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