M100 Arival
Posted By: poenadareDate: 1/23/11 11:48 a.m.

In Response To: Preferences (poenadare)

The ambient music is very nice for this level. On fact, my GF commented she liked it, too.

Leaky barrels in the occasional side-nook doesn't inspire much confidence in the way the Marathon's been maintained.

I wonder if "(see attached figure)^^" in Arrival (Terminal 2) means that


is some kind of image data?

Found the secret room. Took me forever to realize I needed to do a little dog-leg zig-zag to get across the gaps in the twisty corridors.

Really, Bungie, you should have had a jump key!

On the whole, I wish all modern FPSes had both waypoints and marathon-style auto-mapping. 9 out of 10 obsessive-compulsive game explorers agree: auto-mapping rocks.

I never understood why there is a single hidden Bob on this level. Somewhere above or below the twisty corridors section, one flashing blue square. Is there a Windows map editor I can open the M1A1 map file with?

A'ri't, got beat up a bit but I tracked down the recharger. Reading the term...


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