Theory of the 10th Cyborg.
Posted By: DoomguyDate: 9/2/10 11:27 p.m.

Well this is my first time posting this year, i been a visitor of this forum in the past but it seems kinda dead now.

But that won't stop me from posting my theory.

I have started playing Marathon Infinity, and while in the dream level "where are monsters in dreams", i came across several interesting terminals which helps support my theory (connection between Sgt. Eddings and the 10th cyborg).

In several of the terminals the "Men in Black" are mentioned.

Supposedly the Men in Black are Government agents who deal with Aliens, including people who have seen "aliens", and sometimes silence them.

In the terminal it is mentioned that these MiB's have been chasing the main character of the terminal for several years.

I believe this man is Sgt. Eddings, after the PiD incident. It would make sense that the MiB came after him. He was the only survivor of the PiD incident. The only other people then him who had proof of Aliens were the people who witnessed the hologram of the Jjaro dude.

The government does not want the word to get out about Aliens. What happened in PiD was obviously covered up extremely well, that not even in the future could Durendal find any evidence of the Jjaro contacting earth. Maybe the incident never got to the UESC/UESG files.

This would also explain the reasoning in why the 10th cyborg (the security officer) had "fake memories" implanted in the first place.

Now did the other 9 have "fake memories"? I say No

This quote comes to mind.

"It's funny, but you've always been the colony's trouble shooter. You're bigger and stronger, and a better shot. In games, you always scored the most points and looked the hero."

Now i don't think this quote means that the security officer is necessarily a better fighter then the other 9 cyborgs.

I believe this means that the other 9 are hiding there true nature, which means they have there actual memories and know WHAT they are.

This would also make sense when we are told that the 9 cyborgs held off a Pfhor invasion of the Colony. If each of them had implanted fake memories, how could they have organized in combating the Pfhor if they fake identities and did not even know what they were or there true potential?

Which leads to the main question i have been asking. Why then does only the 10th cyborg have fake memories?

Well its because he was that special forces american dude who entered that pyramid and saw things that many men had seen right before death...but instead he escaped back to the world, with a secret in his head that could be revealed by just a word.....a dangerous secret which would cause the government to keep tabs on him...with there agents in black.

And it is my believe that he was eventually killed and made into the 1st battledroid (possibly with tech that the Jjaro gave to them for defeating the Dreaming God).

What also interested me was the title "where are monsters in dreams". You fought monsters in PiD, and those monsters were created by the dreams the W'rkncacnter/Dreaming God had.

But Perhaps i am reading to into this, and maybe there is no basis for PiD and Marathon to share the main character. I am maybe just seeing what i want to see.

PS: If anyone is reading this can someone please get the creator of the long over due Aleph one version of PiD of his ass :D

He ALREADY has released a demo version.

Ive always wanted to play the 1st part of the marathon franchise, but unfortunately i can't.

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