I am Destiny !
Posted By: DaudioDate: 2/12/10 9:48 a.m.

Since last I posted on this board, I have downloaded Aleph 1, and replayed M1, M2 and Infinity !

I just finished Marathon Infinity and had intended to go on to Rubicon, but then happened upon Eternal. I gave it a quick try and was pleasantly surprised to see a smooth transition from the end of Infinity - nice, dumb luck, timing !

The first couple of levels in Eternal seemed a bit bland and washed out color-wise, but when I got to 'Dysmentria' Wow ! Psychedelic ! Cool !

I'm not sure if I like Eternal that much so far, as the maps are very extensive and complex, but don't seem to have a lot going on beside that. But then I enjoy exploring more then fighting anyway, so we shall see...

I have to admit that I replayed M1, M2 and Infinity on 'Easy', as I was more interested in finding levels that stuck in my memory as favorites. And I had already played them in 'Normal' back in the day.

So, now it is on to Rubicon, which I haven't yet finished in it's original versions.

I got stuck in 'Iwannavacuum' at the stairs - never did get all that good at 'flying'. but during my recent replays, I think I got better at it. When I was stuck, I think I was trying to bounce off the center column, but now I think that I just need to turn the corner to get to the next higher step. Is that right ??

Also, I am curious as to where Aleph 1 stores it's saved games, and if I can use old game save files from my original Marathon games ?

Thanks, Dave

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I am Destiny !Daudio 2/12/10 9:48 a.m.
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