Electric Sheep 3 - Spoiler Guide not useful
Posted By: Durandal123Date: 1/14/10 2:54 p.m.

I'm playing Infinity on my PC - Aleph One port. I'm reading the spoiler guide - which I've never had to refer to with the previous incarnations of Marathon - and find that no matter what I do - destroy the final circuit in Durandal's core, or not destroy it - doesn't progress me further.

The spoiler guide refers to a new exit appearing, if you don't destroy and go back to the beginning of the level. I'm savvy enough as a Marathon player not to have destroyed this circuit the first time, to see what would happen.

But there is nothing new on the Hang Brain level - I've looked everywhere. So, I jump down the core and destroy the circuit and I'm transported to Electric Sheep 3. But there's no way out.

None of the switches that I previously had to activate to bring up the bridges across the lava are even lit. Lit or not lit - I'm using my grenade launcher on them to try to activate them - nothing. They're good shots that would normally activate the switch. I admit I'd prefer the fusion pistol for such things, but I'm out of ammo on that weapon.

The spoiler guide talks as if the bridges are still up, like I could take the prevous two exits if I wanted, but recommending the new one. But no exit is available to me. I've plunged into the lave to see if there was a hidden switch/panel - but just get fried.

I've shot repeatedly at all the switches - nothing.

I even started shooting at all those wierd flashing things floating in mid-air, tried destroying the comms terminal and well jumping across - only to plunge into the lava.

Any help please - it's the first time I've been truly stuck on any Marathon - but after more hours than I care to recall - I reached for the Spoiler Guide, find it's no help - so I'm reaching for the community.

Please help.


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Electric Sheep 3 - Spoiler Guide not usefulDurandal123 1/14/10 2:54 p.m.
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           Re: Electric Sheep 3 - Spoiler Guide not usefulDurandal123 1/15/10 11:05 a.m.

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