Modern PiD system requirements..
Posted By: StrifeDate: 9/28/09 1:39 a.m.

I have many a time found myself wishing I could play Pathways again...something I have not done in..well years now and probably about three machines ago..
SO...the current running OSX Tiger. There is a somewhat ailing Powermac (OS9.1) available still..though I'm not sure really what the sum-total of its problems are...I just know that it is unable to run browsers, PiD, and certain other items.
This of course means I am unable to start up Pathways at all. And since there has been almost no attention paid to that game in some time, there is no "Aleph One" equivalent program to allow it to run on an Intel-Mac, which leads me to assume it would require some sort of OS emulator or somesuch...like maybe OSX running a 9.1 environment perhaps...idk. Unfortunately...I can't find the old OS9 install disk so at least for all I know, I'm out of luck. Which is what brings me here...to find the best, fastest way of getting PiD to work, preferably at little/no additional cost, with little/no additional hardware. (I -really- wish I could find that OS9 disk..>_<)

A full list of PiD's OS -incompatibilities- might be a good start. ("How low do I have to go?")

Thank you for your time.

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