Bits for Rubicon X extra *spolier*
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 3/27/09 8:47 p.m.

I cannot find any about tycho planks or major differences from original one.

So I'll write what I found when I played...

01:It begins With An Ending

New Level. It is a dream level. I don't know where it is, but it seems somewhere in Pfhor prime, or L'hown? the rogue star?

The first terminal tells about M1's events and Marathon's three AIs.

The second terminal is about L'howon's battle. From this, I cannot decide if MI's events occuered, but as terminal's picture is "Nova of L'howon's Sun", it seems after MI's events.

The third terminal is different from others. It is Jjaro's talking, but its logon pict is not a "Thoth" symbol but a white "Jjaro" Symbol, which is never used in original Rubicon. Another Jjaro? In MI, "Jjaro" is used for Electric Sheeps, Durandal-Thoth and S'bhuth, and "Thoth" is used for nightmare "knives and hungers." If you finished Tycho planks, you'll see it again, so I'll discuss about it then.

Much pain have I

for more than loss of


Jjaro lost something(L'howon?) and have a pain about it(W'rk's release?).

the days of peace and slumberous
calm are fled

W'rk in L'howon's Sun was sleeping like Sleeping God in PiD?

all roads lead to

Where? Sol? Jjaro?

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