December '08 Art Challenge *LINK*
Posted By: Johannes GunnarDate: 12/7/08 1:33 p.m.

Posted this at the Pfhorums the other day and decided that this should be posted here too as some of you might be interested. enjoy.

- Challenge Theme: The Nar & their Surroundings
- Deadline: 1st January 2009
- Art Styles Allowed: Everything
- Submissions per. participant: unlimited
- Everybody is welcome
- There will be no winner or loser, this is mainly for fun and to keep the JUICE flowing.
- Personal Opinions on each others artwork are of course allowed, just try to be mature in your comments. no flaming!

Felt like it was time for another art challenge, this time the theme is about my favorite species from the Marathon series. The Nar & their surroundings. This time the challenge is focused on getting people to focus as much on the background (nar homeworld, ships, etc.) as on the foreground (Nar person, some Nar related object or whatever you wish to use).
Although this description does focus more on the visual genre of art it can be adapted to the audial genre or any other type of art. But I'll leave that to the artists themselves.

*** IMPORTANT! - If you have borrowed some art online from someone to use in yours, please do credit the real author in the same post you submit your art. It's truly disgraceful to steal art! ***

You can post your submissions here although it's probably easier/better if you could post it at the original pfhorums thread. thank you.

December '08 Art Challenge

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December '08 Art Challenge *LINK*Johannes Gunnar 12/7/08 1:33 p.m.
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