Posted By: Jontar2bDate: 9/7/08 3:01 p.m.

I just finished playing Eternal X, and there is a couple of things i need to say. First off is I need to listed to Music now because i am horribly sad that the game was over, and the fact that there is so much more emotion in this game (namely the addition of music) that made you really in touch with Marcus. The level Structure was neat especially when you revisted old Marathon Levels.

The Antiquity level was awesome, reminded me when i was first playing the M2 Demo as a kid. The Jumping back and forth was a tad bit annoying and ultimatly made me save the game a hundered different times ;)

Weapons were neat and being able to pick up droped guns was a super plus IMO as there wasnt alot of ammo for your fusion gun (actually i forgot i had it untill 1/2 throught the game when i picked up a fusion Cannon!

The story was neato. Also very well done, but i couldnt figure out why HATHOR wanted to kill everyone. Also I was confused what happened to LEELA at the end. At that was Durandal at the talking to you right?

other than that i think i got my head around this one. YAY!

Its good to see Marathon is still alive. even if Eternal was slightly on the depressing side.

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EternalJontar2b 9/7/08 3:01 p.m.
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