Co-op Review
Posted By: KrzakzDate: 7/29/08 7:15 a.m.

Hey all,

My brother and I have been playing Marathon and all the TCs I could find for a couple of years now. We try to play them basically like Halo's campaign co-op, but not all of the TCs work that way. To the best of my understanding, all of the following work co-operatively:

The Gray Incident

And these have something in them or another that prevents co-op campaign:

Red - those damn closing doors and the exploding wall glitch
Tempus Irae - some levels go missing when you select co-op
Resurrection - just not something the UT engine can do

I don't yet know whether you can play co-op all the way through with:


Have we got that right, or can somebody point out where I've made a mistake. Thanks everyone!

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