Posted By: HumpsalotDate: 7/12/08 12:03 a.m.

Anyone here been over to the Bungie.net forums? There's this mysterious "Superintendant" guy dropping what could be cryptic clues all over the place.

Well, I've just been checking up on this Superintendant guy and I didn't find much.

First off, he's been a member since May 21st, 2008. That's 5/21/08 here in the US, 21/5/08 in the non-backward rest of the world.

There is [url=http://www.bungie.net/Search/default.aspx?q=IIIIlll&g=5&SR-p=1]THIS.[/url] It's all of his posts. It seems to be the same little wierd safety related phrases.

Also, his name is IIIIlll, Which is 4 capitol i's and 3 lower case L's. I don't think there's a Roman numeral in there anywhere...

This all definitely reeks of cryptic Bungie shenanigans. I wonder if this ties into Marathon in any way.

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