Eternal volunteers: Success branch in "Antiquity"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/24/08 5:36 p.m.

"This Message Will Self Destruct"

I think this level is one of the most difficult level of all level in E-X. Full of pfhors, drones, and deamons. And there is little time to go from the wire room to the exit room.

Good luck.

"We Met Once in the Garden"

We're back to the Sphere.

Unfortunately, we couldn't prevent them from escaping, and pfhor will use trih xeem soon. You must escape.

BTW, who is "the rogue operator"? I first thought pfhors, but it doesn't make sense. Is Hathor still alive? Or is it Leela?

Trih xeem cannot destroy "a significant portion of the galaxy". It will be just a overstatement, as we know both pfhor and human survives in 2901, but anyway YOU cannot survive unless you escaped. You must climb the mountain.

"Where Giants Have Fallen"

You can couquere. :> In this time, "Giants" means Jjaro, or Pfhor?

You must see this place many times. You must go to the first point in dream. Due to the slowdown of the frame-rate, it will be a little difficult.

You can open the door at last. The last Jjaro AI said good-bye and shows Leela's final message.

She said that her ship was disabled and both you and she are not able to escape from trih xeem's impact, and both will be destryoed then. She said she cannot change the history to prevent this, but if you can go to the spcae, she will transfer you to the Outside. But how...? You have a chip. And there is a slot.
When inserting the chip, you can fall into the spcae. ( This sphere is a artifical space-station, not a planet nor a satellite.) And then you are gone to the Outside.

"The Near Side Of Everywhere"

You're in the Outside, so the view is dream-like.

It is like "It ends in the beginnnig". You're again in K'lia, although it is only a vision, not a really one.

First terminal is a full version of KYT terminal.

Second terminal is Durandal's message.

Jjaro are my "forerunners", because Human's technology are developed based on Jjaro technology. Battleroids are implanted with Junction, and Traxus IV are besed on Jjaro's AI technology, that's why Durnadal and Thoth(I think Yrro created him) can merge easily. And Pfhor's FTL will be invented by Jjaro too.

And they are also my "progeny", because when human can understand and use their technology completely, they became "Jjaro".

Durandal said both jjaro and w'rkncacnter are the same. Leela also metioned it. When they lost in the time maze, they bacame w'rkncacnter.

And Durandal are going back to the L'howon. And you will be with him again. And another battle awaits. Hmm, this scenario is "All you did is required to complete one timeline, but you're going to another timeline." So you can write any sequel to E-X, because in this timeline, we don't do anthing yet.

And final screen. It is just a staff credit.

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