Eternal volunteers: "The Dead..." ~ "Deep Into..."
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/22/08 11:52 p.m.

"The Dead Live In The Catocombs"

You must get the defence chip.

You'll see another Jjaro AI.

THE SERIOUS BUG: After geting the chip, you MUST NOT ENTER the entry polygon, or you're teleported to the level 1.

"Not A Natural Formaiton"

You can get the chip at the entry point, so you can vid it without cheating.

After finishing the level, Jjaro asked you to destroy Hathor.

"Deep Into The Grotto"

I took very very long time to complete it. blocked corridor, too many eenmies, and water flood. Easy to lost. :<

Before destroying the wire, you can hear Hathor's final begging.

Hathor also thinks I came from the vassel. I came from Jjaro's dreadnought at BC 8317. I tried to follow her, but failed and teleported to the space. is it true?

She finally admitted that she was the dark one, and said something like what we can see in KYT terminal. She also explained what is w'rkncacnter, and purpose of this installation.

I am interested how it can kill such many lives. In the Earch, this event was caursed by a mass meteor, in which one w'rkncacnter (or some?) lived sleeping.

Someone said Gamma Burst, which is carused by supernova, was also related. Hyper-Trih-xeem? =)

Apparately, her word is overstatement and not true. It killed meny creatures but not all. And it couldn't kill w'rkncacnter at all. On the contorary, one(or some) of them came to the Earth after that!

And these event was required for Human. If Dinasaurs wesn't extinct, human couldn't exist. Again, this would be syncronicity.

When you read all, Hathor took you to "Flag Brast The Vent Core."

After destorying the wire, Jjaro talked to you about the current stiation.

This weapon is not strong enough to kill the enemy. And my kind, orignal Jjaro and future Human are all gone. BTW, Who is "my servants"? Durandal?

He didn't know that you're not the last surviver of Jjaro, but came from future, before they became Jjaro, and your Jjaro Junction was created by some "mechanized forms" Jjaro(Ryu'Toth, I think).

And I became stasis and I am in 2881 again. Leela unlocked us. And pfhor are inventing this installation.

You'll see pfhors again. IMHO, pfhors and deamons are mismatched.

When you're back to the entry point, you're teleported to "This Message Will Self Destruct"

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