Eternal volunteers: Success branch in "Legacy"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/20/08 2:49 a.m.

"Once More Unto Breach..."

Parellel of "Bug-Eyed in Space". The same place but different structure. Enjoy killing Pfhor with Drinniol.

The self-destruct sequence on the Jjaro Dreadnought has gone off without a hitch. You don't need to worry about Hathor anymore.

"Genie In A Bottle"

This level has a lot of enemies.

When finishing the mission, Leela talked about the current stiation. We know about Drinniol's revolt.(Tycho in M2 and Tfear in MI's manual). We see them in Marathon too. They survived when trih xeem was deployed, and they become pfhor's slave again. This is one of mystery of Marathon trilogy.

Hathor was destroyed, was she? Leela was wrong about her more than once. This time...

Leela said she can change the history to halt S'bhuth's madness. But it IS the history we know, although she doesn't know yet.

And she said about one of Jjaro artifact. The very powerful one.

Jjaro is human? They lived 65 (or 64) million years ago? This is one of what I cannot understand. We're wrong about Darwinism in Marathon's world? Leela said that their bilogical form were extinct, then who are we? Why we and they have the same genome?

One possibility is "Jjaro is human in future." They went back to the past and made colonyies there. It makes sence except one thing(If so, Leela should say "your descendents" instead of "your ancestors.")

And we(?) are going there.

"Floating In The Void"

Final success dream(excluding the final level).

Durandal said you should not have come here.

He finally said about W'rk and our scecret.

P.S. I don't understand about chapter 5 very much. I may make a serious mistake or I may say nonsence. If you find something wrong, or the answer to my question, please reply my comments.

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