Eternal volunteers: Failed branch in "Legacy"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/17/08 3:12 a.m.

"Bug-Eyed In Space"

You're comming to teh Pfhor's ships. Your misssion is enterminations. You have to kill all Pfhors. But you don't have to kill Drinniols.

When finishing, Leela told you that Jjaro Dreadnought's self-destruct had been deactivated, and the ship's engines and weapon systems were powering up. Hathor must do it. It is too dangerous.

"Run, Coward!"

You're back to the Jjaro Dreadnought. Now it is Hathor's ship. She can do anything she wants. Leela asks you to destroy the Junction, but it is not here. you cannot stop her any longer.

Jjaro self-defense balls(I don't know its true name) are attaking anything and you cannot destroy them. When you enter the teleporting polygon, you are teleported to the open space, and to "The Ensurance Trap"

"The Ensurance Trap"

You're at this station again, thought it is not a dream. Leela told the truth.

In this timeline, Hathor threw you and finllaly found the way of vengeance.

Leela was back to her ship in 2881. She found me not there. (I don't understand about it, where am I then?). And history occuerd as it records. S'bhuth's gone mad, no one on Earth couldn't stop him. Leela stopped, and then she told Human to kill S'bhuth, S'pht'Kr, and Leela. And then she had escaped to the Outside.

Apparately, this timeline is different from M2's endings. Durandal was gone, Human-Pfhor was not ended as decisively as neccesary. Pfhor Empire is safe. And then Pfhor trying to invale Sol, and trih xeem will be used to the our sun. There were no ways to avoid it, and that's one of reason S'bhuth had gone mad.

S'bhuth said "it seemed to us that only one possibility remained and in the end
frozen by despair we joined the chaos we had sought to evade"

These event was unescapable. But there is another chance. Were it not for our failures, we would never learn, and could never know the true path to walk.

This level has a lot of "Banshee" too. There are human here. This will be after Pfhor used trih xeem to our sun. They are powerless to the Banshee. But you'll have "Motion Wave Cannon." You can hurt them with it. But you should not waste time here, bacause they appears endlessly, and this is failure level.

And Hathor is. She is omnipotent now. You cannot stop her now. But...

Then you'll find Durandal's terminal. He grieves these events and doomed world too. And how Leela is and why she cannot tell the right mission. You'll know what to do. Finish the path.

You're back to "Dread Not."

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