Eternal volunteers: "Hulk" ... "Dread Not"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/16/08 6:17 p.m.

"The Incredible Hulk"

Hathor managed to escape.

You're at the outpost. Pfhor is going to use trih xeem. If Hathor couldn't escape from here, she would be destroyed here.

After finishing the mission, Hathor interrupt your comminucation. It means that you cannot escape here and YOU are to be destroyed. You must find another way.

We'll see the white cyborg drinniol. He is "The Incredible Hulk" and who had been implanted a cybernetic junction.

We can pick up "Motion wave cannon" and its ammo at this level. It is very powerful, but it may become a life savor if you go to failure bracnh, so you should not use it here. when entering the field, you'll go to the "Babylon X"

"Babylon X"

Leela couldn't teleport you out of here. You must find another way.

If I didn't forget something , this is the only level which uses "new Jjaro media." Its color is not good for me.

After destroying the circuit, Leela told to enter the main lift area. And when entering, you're teleported to "Dread Not"

"Dread not"

You're teleported to the space, and going to one of Jjaro dreadnaught.

There is a (semi?)hidden door and a switch to open the door to the recharger.

In a terminal, Leela said the mission. In the history, this ship wat to be destroyed. So you must destrroy it. And she mentioned about Drinniol's revolt.

When activating the self-destruct mechanism, a door to one room gets open. And inside the room, there are four "Cybernetic Junction" circuit. You can destroy them or leave them.

The terminal there is interesting. Picture is "Jjaro image?", which you can see when one Jjaro(Yrro? S'bhuth? Thoth?) talked to you in dream levels of MI. And text said about "Neuralnet activity" and "persona". This ship has (or had?) some Jjaro persona?

When you didn't destryoed junction's circuit, you'll go to "Bug-Eyed in Space". Wheb you did, you'll go to "Once More Unto Breach...".

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