Eternal volunteers: Success branch in "Prophecy"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/14/08 11:26 p.m.

"Second to Last of the Mohicans"

There are no terminals. It is the way to the Pfhor ship.

Most (but not all) doors will close when you just toggle the switch. When you see the door open, you must toggle the switch again.

"Forever My Greatest And Only Love"

Now you must disable trih xeem. As Leela says, this level is very complicated. Have fun!

When finishing the level, you'll see Hathor's message. She's back. "the hollow world", , hmm, I saw it. I don't see "floating in the void" nor "the land in the sky" yet. I will cause far worse than what I seek if this nightmare comes to pass? Uncounted trillions of innocent lives, across the stars, will die by your hand? I will discuss about it later.

At last, you find Leela. She apologized about Hathor. She let Hathor escape. And Hathor called Pfhor to L'howon. This is another "synchronicity".

And again, she talked about important things.

History is not only one. And they can easiliy lost themselves in the time maze. And that is what made S'bhuth mad. Leela said that in order not to lost, you must defend a "reality" in the history. That's why we must stop Hathor.

"The Land In The Sky"

You see it! Another mountain and river dream.

This time, Durandal and Thoth said about "singularity." It is the fatal point of the universe such as the center of the blackhole, Big Bang, and the closure of the universe. It is the "unescapable point" and where W'rk lives now (according to MI).

Then proceed to the Chapter 4.

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