Eternal volunteers: "S'pht Happens"
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This section is long, so there will be mistakes in this text. And my guess might be wrong, so if you find a mistake, please correct it.

First, you're in the stasis chamber for S'pht.

Pfhor came L'howon. You are in 1881. Pfhor's invasion of L'howon is beginning.

First terminal is written by K'hal'in of S'pht'Yor. I slept "over a thousand orbits", which means a orbit is less than year. I am brought here by S'bhuth. Hmm, they didn't understand the message yet.

Another terminal is written Ki'boa of S'pht'Yor. He says they are about to decipher 'Kr's message, and you must lock the Citadel to prevent Pfhor enter the castle.

The middle area of this level is similar to the previous one.

In this level, you can help S'pht or abandon them.
If you go north, S'pht asks you to draw attention from them to you in order for them to activate ansible, and go to "Eat S'pht And Die."

If you go south, Leela found you and she said some important things.

Leela finally found the way to access K'lia. She found S'bhuth's left process inside it. S'bhuth says K'lia is his "body". She says S'bhuth's madness is caused by "the assimilation of compilers from Durandal's old network at the Last Battle of Lh'owon." Oh that's Durandal's fault! And she says she can be able to prevent it. Yes, in our history, she actualy stopped it! (remember the first teminal's history dairy.) She is now with this S'bhuth.

The yellow part of text is what S'bhuth says, as the white part of Durandal is what Thoth says. But unlike Thoth, sometimes S'bhuth's text is very important and not difficult to understand its meaning.

"we were mistaken about your purpose though not about your nature"

"We" means S'bhuth, I wonder why all Jjaro call themselves as plural.
He thought you are messenger of Yrro, but that's wrong. You came to L'howon just because Hathor came here. So he was mistaken about my purpose. "not about your nature" means you have one of Jjaro technology, Cybernatic Juncion and it is what they need for ascension. So he is right about your nature.

Leela says this event is a "synchronicity" and it is the work of Jjaro.

S'bhuth said Hathor was broken and slept. It is good.

S'bhuth's word, "the sanity we had lost" may be confusing.

1: Old S'bhuth you met in 881 is at L'howon
2: He is gone to K'lia with 'Kr after that.
3: in 2811, they came back to L'howon
4: in 2881, S'bhuth gone mad and destryoed.
5: in 2907, Hathor found his left process and supressed
6: in 811, Leela accessed "2907's" K'lia via Hathor's Junction and found S'bhuth there.
7: in 1811, we are here.

So, he had lost the sanity *before*. Now he is not mad.

She found the way of escape. Escape from universe itself. That's why Jjaro disappeared from out world. They went to "Outside", which is what Yrro said "another realm."

And she met Durandal, in this timeline, he's gone to "Outside." That who speaks to me in my dream.

Hmm, in this timmline, W'rkncacnter will be released. If I helped S'pht, S'pht'Kr would be back now, and Pfhor would use Trih xeem, and W'rk would be released. To prevent it, we must leave S'pht lose, which is occured in our history. Moreover, we must destory Trih xeem in order not to use now.

And then proceed to "Second to Last of the Mohicans"

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Eternal volunteers: "S'pht Happens"pfhore 5/14/08 12:31 a.m.
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