Eternal volunteers: "S'pht'ia"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/11/08 6:02 a.m.

Chapter II "Prophecy". You'll see the meaning later.
From here, the story became more complicated. So read terminal carefully.

You must know this map, except that you can't remember exactly. :D

You're at L'howon again. 'Citadel of Antiquities'. "Eat It, Vid Boi!" & "The Hard Stuff Rules..." in M2. But the texture is different.

You'll see the ancient S'pht. you can see this in M2's terminal. And Lava F'lickta. And Defender. They must be 'Kr and 'Mnr. They are in Clan war.

When entering the citadel, you'll see Leela, she says we are in 881, when 'Kr is goint to escape from Clan War with K'lia.

Leela also describes me as AI...

Finally you'll see S'bhuth. He is Order of 'Kr, and he wants to keep them from War. As we've seen in M2, 'Kr is awaiting S'bhuth for the way of ascension. S'bhuth and 'Kr and maybe Yrro wants all S'pht are at peace.

He thinks I am a Messager of Yrro. Its real meaning is told later. We'll proceed
to deliver S'bhuth's messages.

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Eternal volunteers: "S'pht'ia"pfhore 5/11/08 6:02 a.m.
     Eternal X Commentary: "S'pht'ia"Forrest of B.org 5/11/08 1:19 p.m.
           Thanks for these glosses, Forrest. *NM*patrick 5/11/08 10:02 p.m.

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