Eternal volunteers: Success branch in "Enemy"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/10/08 11:37 p.m.

"My Kingdom Pfhor A Horse"

At the beginning, you may lost yourself. Go south-east.

Leela wants her own ship. That is the mission. This level is set to "Extermination" but I don't know you must do it really.

"Burning Down The Corporation"

I wonder if author is comminist... (This is just a joke, don't take seriously.)

This place is very similar to "Pissing on the Corporation". As before, you must destroy three circuits. It is not so difficult to find them. Leela finally learned how to use Junction.

S'pht'Kr are racalled. And S'bhuth ordered it. hmm, what heppened? is it a "madness of S'bhuth"? we don't do anything to prevent it yet. Actually, we don't do anything to change the history yet. So things are occued as the history records.

Leela launched trih xeem. It may be the "Pfhor homeworld's sucking" event in 2881. We'll go to where Hathor went, even though we don't know where.

"The World Is Hollow"

I am in the "Mountains & Rivers" dream again.

It seems Durandal/Thoth became philosopher. They talked about "inescapable" (the closure of universe?), how they felt when became rampancy, what time is etc..

As I am not a philosopher, I cannot understand what they talked. I don't want to understand it either.

"The past awaits." I am to go to the past...

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Eternal volunteers: Success branch in "Enemy"pfhore 5/10/08 11:37 p.m.
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